by lexnonscripta

BEST REVENGE: A BEAUTIFUL FUCK YOU to kick off the month of June and the National Queer Arts Festival in grand, rebellious, queer, spectacular style.

On Sunday, June 3rd, BEST REVENGE will emerge from the street corners, alleyways, living rooms, fire escapes, and back rooms of the Mission District. Over thirty artists from the San Francisco Bay Area, the east and west coast and everywhere in between, Mexico, London, Canada, and Istanbul will converge in/on four distinct venues to present their work on radical queer resistance and self determination.

Beginning at the (de)Appropriation Wall on Valencia Street between 23rd and 24th, BEST REVENGE will take its audience through the streets, en masse, through the Mission District, to experience visual art, performance, installation, and ritual. Queer collective houses will be turned into galleries; fire escapes will act as stages for a line-up of music, brilliant drag, and performance; the OPEN stretches of the Valencia and 24th Street Corridors (courtesy of Sunday Streets) will act as stages for spontaneous, surprise performance and public intervention/interruption; and, at the end of the evening, audience and artists will converge in the back gallery of Alley Cat books for an illustrious display of glittery rebellion and visual art installations.

SUNDAY June 3rd: 3pm-7pm
STARTING at the (de)Appropriation Wall: Valencia St between 23rd and 24th
ENDING at Alley Cat Books: 3036 24th St
Best Revenge is a roving show! For location updates and more information leading up to and on the day of, visit and